My interpretation of John Cage’s “How to Get Started” is a production of the artist’s only improvisational piece. The John Cage Foundation and the Slought Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities. October 2016.

I collaborated with award-winning journalist Michele Norris on a staged reading of her Race Card Project. I cast a remarkably talented group from the University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff as the Race Card Ensemble. You can see the rehearsal here, and the final production here, at 24:50. April 2013.


“Truth (My Truth) About Sex, Power and Unwelcome Encounters.” Medium. October 2017.

“Belle-Mere Means Mother-in-Law: Managing Loss and Love Across a Jagged Color Line.” Medium. May 2017.

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Stumbling Blocks (2017)

The Arabella Chapman Project (2015)

Proclaiming Emancipation (2013)

Reframing the Color Line: Race and the Visual Culture of the Atlantic World (2009)